• 'Moment'



    Conversations with 'time' in 2020.A collection of solo short movement video works. Commissioned by GMCA.

  • 'perch' adaptation



    Working with artist Amy Voris on creating and performing an adaptation of the solo 'perch'.

  • 'They Gather'

    2017 to current


    An independent, international multi-modal project, creating ‘gatherings’ of people, action, dance, sound and music, exploring the boundaries between audience, participant and performer. Subsequently 'They Gather' creates dialogue with environments, societies, politics, histories and speculative futurologies. 

  • 'Ojas'



    Bridget is currently collaborating on 'Ojas' a project by Upasana Arts, creating training and development methods and resources for Bharatanatyam dancers.

    In image: Deepa Ganesh, Artistic Director, Upasana Arts.

  • 'Sufi In The City'

    2012 to current


    A work about the history of longing. A contemporary interdisciplinary project drawing upon Sufi philosophies and artistic forms. 


    Concept: Sarah Sayeed.

    Artistic Director, Curator & Producer: Sarah Sayeed.

    Associate Director & Curator: Bridget Fiske.

  • 'YES Move. NO Move. (Moved?)'



    A multi EU country residency commission about borders and rights to movement, collaborating with activists, individuals seeking asylum.artists and youth from Roma communities, emigrant workers and youths navigating social tnesions.


    Realised within the framework of BeSpectACTive!

  • 'The Body of Us'

    2016 to current


    A performed and facilitated project about the simple joy of meeting each other through movement. Experienced across festivals, in workshops and via resources.

  • 'Never The Foxes'



    Commissioned by Moving Dance Forward.

  • 'Inner Terra'

    Born from research realised within the framework of Be SpectACTive!

  • 'Because of Gravity'

    'In the morning when I woke you you were with me. In the morning when I woke you were gone'

    Created and presented as part of The Future a partnership between Rambert and The Lowry.

  • 'Three Crows on the Road'

    Winner of the inaugural 2009 TURN Prize (Dance Manchester, hAb & greenroom) An immersive promenade dance and video work. Also adapted for outdoor public space and festival performance.Concept, choreography, media design, sound design and performance: Julia Griffin, Kate Engineer & Bridget Fiske. Presented at greenroom, Manchester and Urban Moves International Dance Festival.

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