'Inner Terra 2017. Bridget Fiske with Joseph Lau.
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13 minute extracts from 'The Age Of Ledger'. by Joseph Lau.
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REVIEWS EXTRACTS: on the works of Bridget Fiske & Joseph Lau



On ‘Inner Terra’. Bridget Fiske with Joseph Lau


"Inner Terra’..is a duet on heavily-researched themes of migration, crisis and outsiderness... Inner Terra is already a satisfying piece of work. Intelligent, emotional and with some powerfully strong and distinctive choreography...the connection between Fiske and Lau is compelling, and Fiske especially moves so wonderfully that the pair are engrossing to watch.’


Peter Jacobs, The Public Reviews, on work in progress performance of ‘Inner Terra’ 2016


''Balancing SUPERCELL’s stylistic breadth was its tight focus on the themes of globalisation and identity, which flowed through the entire programme. Particular mentions to Bridget Fiske’s ‘Inner Terra’ and Hepi and Wasasala’s ‘Passing’ for their powerful exploration of cultural assimilation and its impact on identity. Both duets used physical exchanges, and the friction between the two bodies, to demonstrate how cultural assimilation works on and through our bodies, and the emotional marks it leaves.''


Alana Tierney, Scenestre, 2017


On works by Belarus Free Theatre. Fiske’s role: Choreographic/ Movement & Rehearsal Director


‘..a slow burn of articulate fury and extraordinary ensemble physicality.....’


Vulture, Sarah Holdren, The 10 Best Theatrical Productions of 2017


‘Subversion that matters, delivered with artfully channeled rage...’


New York Times, Ben Brantley & Jesse Green, The Best, Theater of 2017


‘The severity of the show's content... is counterpointed, by the grace, athleticism and skill of its eight performers...’


The Guardian, Michael Billington, 2013


.'..mesmerising physical theatre piece...' 

'...strong ensemble cast...'

The Public Reviews, Catherine Jones, 2013


'The choreography is stunning...'


TW Edinburgh, Samuel Graydon, 2013


'...bruisingly physical ensemble choreography...'


The New York Times, Ben Brantley, 2015


'...ensemble fearlessly dives into the production, to chilling result...'

TheaterMania, Zachary Stewart, 2015



On ‘The Age Of Ledger’. Choreographed and Performed by Joseph Lau


‘The Age of Ledger by dancer and choreographer Joseph Lau...is a fully realised dystopian physical theatre work exploring the psychological and social impact of money and economics and the disproportionate role they have in ‘governing our world and disempowering the individual’. Strikingly staged...with a set of towering cardboard boxes and brown paper-wrapped tables, Lau brings impressive range, physical commitment and enormous personal charisma to this wide-ranging examination of the futility and optimistic hopelessness of trying to function as a vital and yet individually irrelevant pawn in a financial machine that makes little sense and clearly doesn’t function well, for all its high-level economic theory and claims of fiscal and social responsibly. Lau...brings elements from his Australian-Chinese heritage to create an expansive and considered global dimension to the work, yet manages to keep his lens focused on the personal impact of being little more than a component – always potentially a superfluous one, an obstacle to efficiency – within a faceless and unwieldy machine. This is an effective, audacious, fully realised piece of dance theatre that pulls a range of physical and emotional punches with its considered and well-chosen use of text and music.’


The Public Reviews, Peter Jacobs, 2015



On ‘Never The Foxes’. Bridget Fiske with Navala (Niku) Chaudhari, Joseph Lau and Stephanie Pan


‘For an early showing this is impressive stuff. A mix of studio film and live performance by Fiske and Lau and Pan – who also sings, plays and creates gloriously noisy soundscapes with feedback, loops and a floating drum – Never the Foxes promises much. Already the theatrical staging is striking and the movement and physical interplay between Fiske and Lau is intriguing and full of interconnectivity and dynamic potential, with flashes of animalism.’


The Public Reviews, Peter Jacobs, 2015, on ‘Never The Foxes’ as part of Moving Dance Forward.