Images: Joseph Lau


We love the wonderment experienced when the live and visceral seamlessly blend with digital environments. Our work is about finding and creating that sense of magic.


FISKE & CROFTS is collaborative partnership between artists Bridget Fiske and Andrew Crofts.

FISKE & CROFTS create interactive experiences for public spaces and stage.

To this partnership Fiske brings a history as a successful contemporary dance theatre artist in performance, facilitation and choreography with a rich portfolio of cross discipline practice. 

Crofts is a successful lighting, video, interactive media and pervasive gaming designer who’s work can be seen in many acclaimed UK based theatre, dance and pervasive gaming companies that tour nationally and internationally. 

FISKE & CROFTS have found unique synergies in their practice that has sparked this creative venture. 

FISKE & CROFTS have been working together from early 2010, creating new stage based interactive works and facilitating workshops on dance in interactive environments, including: 

> ‘Red Rain’ a commission from The Watching Dance Project and moves - International Festival of movement on screen presented in 2010 at Midnight Special a series of events by Mercy at the Liverpool Biennial.

> ‘On The Wire’ preformed by students from The Lowry Centre for Advanced Training. Performed at part of Digitfest (The Lowry Salford Quays) in June 2011 and presented at part of the national CAT event 'Modulate' in July 2011 (The Lowry Salford Quays).

> Delivery of choreography and performance in interactive environments for The Place Summerhouse (London), 2011 & 2012.

> Delivery of the MA module ‘Creating Event Spaces’ at Roehampton University, 2013.

> Delivery of artist development weekend for Dare Dance in Cumbria, 2013.

> Commission from Illuminating York 2013 for ‘The Ice, the Land and the Sea’ (see more: