Images: Brian Slater


(in development)

'Holding Night'is a new work in development created in collaboration with Andrew Crofts (lighting and sound interactive design) and Tricia Coleman (costume design). 


'Holding Night' features an interactive light and sound costume and is designed for outdoor night and indoor public space festivals and events.

Via Moving Dance Forward in 2015, a costume design with some aspects of interactivity were able to be developed and prototyped with an audience.

‘A pull and I fell. 

I fell through a dark space. 

I was not alone. 

There were thousand upon thousands of lights moving just like me - up, down, over and around. Then they were gone. 

I was left with my own bright reflection in this dark sea. 

Then I fell. 

I fell through something I have no words for, something I can not describe, something I can not name.’