In addition to performing in independent and collaborative works, my portfolio as a performer and collaborator includes working on the following projects and with the following companies.

  • (2017-2018): 'VIVA...Reverb' by Joseph Lau

    Role: Collaborating Performer

    A new work in development choreographed by Joseph Lau with outcomes performed at 'Derelict' (Preston, UK) at University of Salford.

  • (2012): 'Hotel Methuselah' by imitating the dog

    Role: Weird Woman (touring cast)

    Performed at Cena Brasil Internacional, Rio de Janeiro.

  • (2010-2011): 'Abandoned Things: A Static Change Project' by Joseph Lau

    Role: Collaborating Performer

    The 2010 TURN Prize winning full-length work. 2011 premiere at greenroom (Manchester). Research and development extracts presented at Live Bites (Leeds) and TURN (Manchester).

  • (2008): John Haag

    Role: Movement artist in motion capture research

  • (2007-2008): Rosetta Cook

    Role: Performer

    Creative research for the short film project 'The Last Tango In Sunnybamk', including training in Argentinean Tango.

  • (2005-2006): 'Accented Body', Director/ Producer Cheryl Stock

    Role: Performer/ Choreographer & Curatorial Assistant

    A large scale international, intercultural and interdisciplinary project presented in the 2006 Brisbane International Festival. Performing in works by Cheryl Stock, Hellen Sky and Sarah Rubidge.

  • (2005): 'Latin Rhumba with The Queensland Orchestra'

    Role: Performer

    Choreographed by Tarcisio Teatini Climaco. Performed at Brisbane Town Hall.

  • (2002-2005): Buzz Dance Theatre

    Role: Company Dancer including state and national touring in remote, regional and urban Australia.

    Performing in works by Paige Gordon, Felicity Bott and Carol Wellman Kelly, as well as Rachel Usher and Joseph Lau for The Honey Season (dancer’s studio season). Bridget originally joined Buzz Dance Theatre as a recipient of an Australia Council for the Arts 'Foot in the Door' emerging performers grant.

  • (2000): 'Dance. Dance. Dance.' with The Queensland Orchestra

    Role: Performer & Co-Choreographer with Kristen Bell

    Performed at the Concert Hall, Queensland Performing Arts Complex.

  • (2000): 'Junctions' ProDanceNet

    Role: Performer

    The Visy Theatre, The Brisbane Powerhouse, performing: 'Maria’ choreographed by Louise Deleur, and  ‘Vergehen’ choreographed by Joseph Lau.

  • (2000): 'Moving Visions' at The Queensland Art Gallery

    Role: Performer

    Choreographed by Wendy Wallace.

  • (2000): 'Remnants in Space at The Queensland Art Gallery

    Role: Performer

    Choreographed by Joseph Lau.

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