Introducing Rachel Maffei

May 4, 2018


I am incredibly happy to share that 2017 University of Salford Dance graduate Rachel Maffei is working with me as an Intern Assistant Artist on my current project 'The Body Of Us - new models increasing reach'. Rachel will be involved in many layers of the project including research, creative, facilitation and producing activity. Working with Rachel will bring an invaluable richness to the work currently being achieved on 'The Body Of Us - new models increasing reach'. It is fantastic to be working with an artist who is early in their career but so clearly passionate about all the layers of making dance work happen: including an interest in understanding and contributing to the way that dance impacts audiences and participants. 



More information on  'The Body Of Us - new models increasing reach' developments coming soon....




Rachel is a freelance dance artist working within Greater Manchester. She graduated from The University of Salford in 2017 with a first class degree in Dance. Rachel is one of three co-artistic directors of Coalesce Dance Theatre, a contemporary dance company based in Salford. She has performed in a number of company pieces as well as helping to tour their work around the country. Over the last couple of years Rachel has worked with Hawk Dance Theatre, The Knotted project and Jamaal Burkmar. Most recently Rachel has worked with The University of Salford as a Graduate Intern and is now very excited to be working alongside Bridget Fiske as an Intern Assistant Artist.

Rachel says...
I am very excited to be working alongside the wonderful Bridget Fiske as an Intern Assistant Artist on The Body of Us. This is a fantastic opportunity to help with the development of the project as well as gaining valuable skills in producing dance, workshop facilitation and administration. The Body of Us is a wonderful project that allows its participants to experience dance in a welcoming yet safe environment, therefore it is with great pleasure to be offered a role that works with Bridget on this Internship.



Image: Rachel activating 'The Body Of Us' at Dance: Sampled at The Lowry, February 2017. Photographer Joseph Lau. 





 Image: Rachel in 'Drive' by Coalesce Dance Theatre. Photographer Josh Hawkins.












'The Body Of Us - new models increasing reach' is also supported through a partnership with Leverhulme International Network 'Evaluating Methods of Aesthetic Enquiry across Disciplines' (2015-2018). 


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