Images: from footage by Mike Donaghy edited by Matt Kowalczuk, Bridget Fiske & Matt Kowalczuk


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Sufi In The City is a contemporary interdisciplinary arts project gathering influence from Sufi artistic forms. Current interventions focus on the structures and philosophies within music, dance and text. The study of these philosophies and artistic forms acts as a point of departure to ask social and personal questions about spirituality, modernity, dogma, freedom and gender. 


Sufi In The City offers audience discourse around Islam and gender, via reflections led by artist Sarah Sayeed on her personal Islamic heritage. Sarah shares a confessional and interior world where women and personal spiritual choices can no longer be side-lined to the margins.


As a storytelling and experiential work, 'Sufi In The City' focuses on reduction, repetition and transformation to bring forward emotion, thought and experience for an audience.


Sufi In The City' is currently exploring questions within the subjects of: spirituality within modern constraints and the metropolis, lineages (including spiritual, genetic and geographic), movement repetition creating transformation (including circular and spiral pathways) and the development of scores, as well as artefacts and how these may have significance in tracing lineage or understanding the self in relation to the wider world.

Outcomes of 2017-2018 research and development  have been shared at: Whitoworth Gallery (Manchester) and University of Surrey Centre for Performance Philosophy conference 'Performance Philosophy and Sufism’.


Concept / Artistic Director / Curator / Producer: Sarah Sayeed

Associate Director / Co-curator: Bridget Fiske

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