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I work with a rigorous, energetic, creative and sensitive practice as a choreographer, movement director, rehearsal director, performer, teaching artist, facilitator, curator and producer that enables me to work with partners, commissioners, employers and collaborators in the following ways.

Direct and choreograph for events, stage and screen as well as interactive live & digital projects in artistic and commercial contexts.


Design and deliver creative and training based workshops for a breadth of contexts.

Design and direct creative projects in response to community, venue, organisation or festival and event aspirations & needs.


Deliver training and development for professional artists across disciplines.

Deliver wellbeing through dance and movement sessions drawing upon a wide breadth of practices.

Collaborate, mentor and consult in a range of areas.

I bring the following knowledge and experiences to her responsive practice...

Working with a people across a breadth of ages from 2 years to 80 years in education, community participatory and community creative contexts.

Working with professional dance, music, sound, theatre and performance artists.

Collaborating with artists in interactive digital media, filmmaking, visual art, music, sound design, lighting design and theatre.

Working on and building international, intercultural and interdisciplinary projects and collaborations.

Delivering learning and artistic development in: dance & digital practices / choreographic, movement, performance and ensemble centred devising & improvisation practices / sited performance and creative practices / various performance and movement techniques,/ application of dance in learning environments (e.g. CPD for educators) / developing independent projects and practice, and more.

20+ years of practical ongoing training including in: various contemporary dance techniques, varied somatic movement approaches (e.g. experimental anatomy), contact improvisation, yoga, pilates, classical ballet, various physical theatre and actor training methods and various conditioning, health and well-being training approaches.

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