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'Flowers for Asteroids', University of Salford

Role: Co-Direction and Co-Choreography

Intensive creative, rehearsal, and production project with 2nd and 3rd year Bachelor of Arts Dance students at University of Salford, creating a new 15-minute stage performance work. Co-created and Directed with Joseph Lau as Project Auske.


The Lowry Centre for Advanced Training

Role: Choreography & Direction of performance works, and Collaboration, Rehearsal Direction &

Support Artist on works by Guest Artists

'Seeing The Electric'

Created by Bridget Fiske with the students of The Lowry CAT. A score for 50 + dancers to perform live together as an ensemble on Zoom. This work utilised performance philosophies and scores from the collaborative multi-modal international project 'They Gather'. 


Choreographed by Bridget Fiske, Lyndsey Thomas and students of The Lowry CAT. An ensemble work created for live stage performance. Performed at the Quays Theatre, The Lowry, Salford, UK.

'The Frame We Move Through'

Created by Bridget Fiske and students of The Lowry CAT. A dance for camera work, exhibited as part of the exhibition 'In The Frame' at The Lowry Galleries, Salford, UK.

'Walking Manchester'

Created by Anne Wilson. Fiske's role Collaborating Choreographer. Presented as part of 'COTTON: Global Threads' at The Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester, UK.

'On The Wire'

Created by Bridget Fiske, Andrew Crofts and students of The Lowry CAT. A live and interactive digital video work, originally commissioned for Digit Fest (The Lowry) and presented during the CAT season Modulate at The Lowry.

Rehearsal direction and support artist on works choreographed by: Joss Arnott, Akram Khan Company, Francis Angel and Phil Sanger



Created by: Bridget Fiske, Charles Ball and students of Queensland Creative Academy

A creative process using performance philosophies, material, choreographic processes, scores and subjects from Bridget's multi-modal and international collaborative project 'They Gather'.


Dance Manchester's Intergenerational Flashmob

Role: Choreographer & Project Coordinator

Created by Bridget Fiske and Participants. Performed at Manchester Art Gallery, UK.



Role: Choreographer

A Dance and Astrophysics project working with astrophysicists, Dr Rowan Smith, Norman Lockyer Fellow at Jodrell Bank, University of Manchester and Dr Helen Mason of the University of Cambridge, with additional support from Philippa Browning, Professor of Astrophysics  at Jodrell Bank, University of Manchester. ​ Performed at the Great Primary Science Share at Manchester Town Hall, the Great Science Share Takeover for Secondary school students at the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester Day and as part of Signatures Youth Dance Trail, a partnership project by Dance Manchester and the Lowry, presented as part of UDance, the national youth dance festival. ​


'We Closed Our Eyes To The Sun'

Role: Choreographer

Created and performed with 2nd & 3rd year BA Dance Students.


'Before The Pass'

Role: Choreographer as an Associate Artist of Company Chameleon

A large scale work performed by over 400 young people and youth dance leaders from across the North of England, performed at Rugby League Magic Weekend at St James's Park, Newcastle.



Roles: Outreach and project workshop delivery, Contributing Choreographer and Choreographer of various performance works/projects, Rehearsal Director , and Arts Award delivery.

Reaching young men in many different areas of Greater Manchester with performance outcomes at British Dance Edition and The Birmingham Hippodrome, Victoria Baths, The Lowry, Urban Moves International Dance Festival and in Heilbron Germany.


Various Creative & Choreographic Projects 

Role: Choreographer & Facilitator

The Lowry Youth Theatre Company, MAD Dance House, River City Dance, Cecchetti Queensland, Corinda High School, St Aidan's Anglican Girls School, Indooroopilly Montessori Kindergarten. and more.

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