Reviews on 'Trustees', a Malthouse Theatre and Melbourne International Festival production. 
Directed by Natalia Kaliada & Nicolai Khalezin (Belarus Free Theatre).
Role: Movement Director

"...stylised choreography captures the slow-burn horror of market-driven competitiveness in the arts. The tussle for power is expressed as a violent libidinised tango, intimating that power is not only synonymous with brute physical force but laced with sado-masochistic impulse."

The Conversation, Sandra D'urso, 2018


"The unheralded climax of the work is a series of intensely personal monologues by the five performers ...that demonstrate the worth and indispensability of the body-in-space to theatre, and how little is needed to break hearts and blow minds."

The Australia, ChrisBoyd, 2018

Reviews on 'Inner Terra' Bridget Fiske with Joseph Lau.
Role: Choreographer & Perormer

"Inner Terra’ a duet on heavily-researched themes of migration, crisis and outsiderness....Intelligent, emotional and with some powerfully strong and distinctive choreography...the connection between Fiske and Lau is compelling, and Fiske especially moves so wonderfully that the pair are engrossing to watch.’


Peter Jacobs, The Public Reviews, on work in progress performance of ‘Inner Terra’ 2016


''Balancing SUPERCELL’s stylistic breadth was its tight focus on the themes of globalisation and identity, which flowed through the entire programme. Particular mentions to Bridget Fiske’s ‘Inner Terra’ and Hepi and Wasasala’s ‘Passing’ for their powerful exploration of cultural assimilation and its impact on identity. Both duets used physical exchanges, and the friction between the two bodies, to demonstrate how cultural assimilation works on and through our bodies, and the emotional marks it leaves.''


Alana Tierney, Scenestre, 2017

Reviews on projects by Belarus Free Theatre: 'Burning Doors', 'Red Forest' & 'Trash Cuisine'
Role Choreographic / Movement & Rehearsal Director

"..was a slow burn of articulate fury and extraordinary ensemble physicality...."

Vulture, Sarah Holdren, The 10 Best Theatrical Productions of 2017


"Subversion that matters, delivered with artfully channeled rage..."

New York Times, Ben Brantley & Jesse Green, The Best, Theater of 2017



"The severity of the show's content... is counterpointed, by the grace, athleticism and skill of its eight performers..."

The Guardian, Michael Billington, 2013



“...mesmerising physical theatre piece...” “...strong ensemble cast...”


The Public Reviews, Catherine Jones, 2013



“The choreography is stunning and well executed.”


TW Edinburgh, Samuel Graydon, 2013



“...bruisingly physical ensemble choreography...”


The New York Times, Ben Brantley, 2015



“...ensemble fearlessly dives into the production, to chilling result...”


TheaterMania, Zachary Stewart, 2015