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'Moment' is a collection of solo short scenes/movement video chapters. They are created as an artistic response and contribution to conversations with various people across April and May 2020, as well as from personal experience, during the COVID-19 pandemic. The focus of these conversations related to current experiences of 'time'. This dialogue around the temporal also engaged with relationships to nature, politics, philosophies, the spiritual, and the social.


This is not documentary content, nor can it encompass the full extent of current thinking and reflections, but rather it is a way of being with experience, feeling, and environment. These short works 'Practising staying while floating' (01:24), 'There was more room for the storks' (02:36), and 'A list for 1918' (04:27) can be watched in any order.

Created, choreographed, performed, videoed, and edited by Bridget Fiske

Thank you to Joseph Lau, Roman Liuby, Miguel Marin (Arbol), and all those who gave their time to conversations within this project

Supported by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority COVID-19 creative commissions

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