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'For an early showing this is impressive stuff. A mix of studio film and live performance by Fiske and Lau and Pan – who also sings, plays and creates gloriously noisy soundscapes...Never the Foxes promises much. Already the theatrical staging is striking and the movement and physical interplay between Fiske and Lau is intriguing and full of interconnectivity and dynamic potential, with flashes of animalism.’ 

- Peter Jacobs, The Public Reviews - 

'Never The Foxes' (a series of short scenes in development) has grown out of explorations into subjects of origin, orientation, instinct, nature, and death, as well as energetic patterns and pulls. In particular, they have been exploring findings around the uncanny hunting abilities of foxes. 

In 2015 Bridget began working with performer/creators Stephanie Pan, Richard Causer, Navala Chaudhari, and Joseph Lau to explore new thematic, conceptual, and choreographic ideas.

Currently awaiting further creative research, development, and production activity to be tour ready.

Director/Performer: Bridget Fiske

Collaborating Artists/Performers: Richard Causer, Navala Chaudhari, Joseph Lau & Stephanie Pan

Composer: Stephanie Pan

Video content creation: Matt Kowalczuk (additional editing by Bridget Fiske)

Sound technician: Stelios Manousakis

Original text: Stephanie Pan and Bridget Fiske

With thanks: Andrew Crofts

Commissioned by Moving Dance Forward: led by Dance Manchester & MDI with partners The Lowry, Unity, University of Salford, and Contact. Also been supported by CLOUD ( & Stroom Den Haag (

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