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'The Body of Us' at Dance: Sampled at The Lowry and Supercell Festival of Contemporary Dance

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

'The Body of Us' is a new score for public spaces that places audiences at the centre.


You are invited to play, watch, listen, follow and join in ‘The Body of Us’: a guided dance and movement experience for everyone. ‘The Body of Us’ is about celebrating and discovering shared moments of movement.

Stumble across it or come deliberately, You are invited to join in all moments or just one. To join in the full journey will take approximately 30 minutes. Accessible to all ages.


Conceived by Bridget Fiske

Producer for Bridget Fiske & Co: Tricia Coleman

Consultants: Andrew Crofts, Catherine Simmonds and Amy Voris

Dance; Sampled - The Lowry, Salford - 24 and 25 February 2017

Directed by Bridget Fiske

Rehearsal Director: Sarie Mairs Slee

Dance; Sampled Extras Producer: Jade Aitchison & Aimee Baker

Activators: Courtney Clarke, Joseph Lau, Kelsey-Leigh Cunliffe, Sally Hendry, Christine Meadows, Callum Newman, Efimifa Raouna, Shea Roberts, Amy Voris, Jessica Ward & Aline Zora

Supercell Festival of Contemporary Dance Brisbane - The Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, Brisbane - February 20 to 25 2017

Bridget Fiske with Scott Sneedon

Supercell Producer: En Rui Foo

Activators: Marisa Georgia, Caitlin Hultgren, Seaon Hylton, Stuart Nix, Franciska Schmoll, Alicia Jane Steele & Hugo Russell.

What is The Body of Us?

Simply put it is a shared dance. A dance you stumble upon or deliberately choose to turn up for, a dance you are guided through and a dance you create. It is a guided way to move through, in and view a space and meet and exchange with those who are present in it. Via a series of distributed and facilitated interactions, ‘The Body of Us’ invites audiences to meet, witness, move, share, capture and create.

Bridget has designed this work in response to her experiences travelling the world, meeting, sharing in workshops and performing with community and artists: moments that continue to inspire her and that she will never forget. In designing a score for audience and public spaces, Bridget wanted to create something that communities, venues and festivals could use to engage people and highlight that there is dance everywhere.

Bridget acknowledges the history that inspires this project. All those great workshop games, tasks and processes that bring us closer together (that she has experienced as a participant, student and facilitator) and an inspiring legacy of dance artists who have used scores to democratise dance.

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